Internal Floating Roof

World Bridge Industrial provides advanced design Internal Floating Roof designed with 20-years technical know-how and a variety of materials for product compatibility, all internal floating roofs are customized for each storage tank. We believe the quality of World Bridge Industrial IFR will return the best value of the cost to customers.

Design Features

  • designed to meet or exceed the requirements of API-650 Appendix-H.
  • withstanding high load with “H” shaped clamp beam and sheet joint
  • Offers a large number of accessories to meet all operational requirements designed by 30 years technical experience.
  • 100% Pre-Fabricated ( All components Pre-Punched in the workshop ).
  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners, 304, 304L, 316, 316L according to client requirements
  • High Strength Support Legs withstanding 0.6kPa considering no drain or drain being clogged.
  • Pontoon type, Full contact type, leg supported type and cable suspended design avaliable.
  • Hybrid design with Aluminum + Stainless Steel is available to deal with compatibility restrictions.
  • variation of seal designs to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Special Peripherical Rim plate design


Key Benefit

  • Vapor loss prevention design
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long service life expectancy
    -Easy installation work
    -Structure Strength

Pontoon type

Internal floating roof is used in a tank along the travel of product surface.
Various type of peripheral seal is applied to minimize evaporation, and designed for high- efficiency and durability.

  • API650 appendix H standard
  • Vapor loss prevention design
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long service life expectancy
  • Easy installation work

Honeycomb full contact type

WB Honeycomb type IFR with liquid mounted is most eco-friendly, safe and ideal internal floating roof, its lifetime and structural strength is more excellent than tubular type IFR.
We have the ability to design, manufacturing and construction, our products are installed and our customers are sincerely satisfied with our HC Full Contact type.

  • Patented clamp beam design
    – Easy to install, save cost.
    – No hot welding at site
  • No Vapor Zone
  • Low Evaporation Loss
  • Structure Strength
  • Eco-Friendly

Cable suspended type

Customers choose our Cable Suspended Internal Floating Roofs because cable suspension reduces emissions as well as tank cleaning, inspection, and maintenance costs. Watch for yourself why it’s the leading roof solution that can save you significant costs on tank maintenance and repairs.

  • Vapor fitting loss reduction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy inspection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multi positioning.

Various peripheral seal designs

WBS – 2

Double Wiper Seal

  • Vapor mounted seal type
  • Rim space : 180mm ± 100mm
  • Metal material : Aluminum or Stainless steel.
  • Seal material : NBR, PE, Teflon, Pu

WBS – 4

Foam & Wiper Seal

  • Liquid mounted seal type
  • Rim space : 180mm ± 100mm
  • Metal material: Aluminum or Stainless steeL
  • Seal material : NBR, PE, Teflon, PU

WBS – 5

Mechanical shoe seal

  • Vapor mounted type seal
  • Long life expectancy
  • Rim space : 180mm 土 100mm
  • Plate soring material : SS301
  • Shoe plate : Galvanized or Stainless steel