Roof drain system

World Bridge Industrial’s roof drain system works to drain the rain water on the floating roof to outside through the system in the tank. To make sure the buoyance of the floating roof from the weight of water accumulation, the design shall be done for the guarantee of tank size, rainfall at the site, etc. We are total supplier and manufacturer of the systems that works for various type of roof.

The product is fully sealed units specifically designed for submerged liquid service such as articulated pipe drainage systems for floating roof tanks, oil skimmers and line system. Conventional  type, used long time and popular system. Can be applicable most of the product.

* Relaible Design with NBR, Viton and engineering rubber sealing, fit in any  operating condition with high pressure, high temperature.
•Compatible for Various product in refinery and petrochemical plant

3+1 Articulated type Roof drain system

Articulated type drain systems are consist of steel pipes and mechanical joints(flexible swing joints, swivel joints), designed to withstand the forces which it may be coming under various operating conditions. The system usually incorporates heavy duty joints but several alternatives are available to meet client requirements.

The articulated drain system is available in 3”, 4”, 6” & 8” piping diameter system. The durability of these joints have been proven in technical and field experience for 30 years.

  1. Flexibility against turbulence inside the tank
  2. During installation, easy to align sump and outlet nozzle
  3. When floating roof moving, absorb the lateral movement of the roof flexibly

Flexible Swing Joint

WBI Patented Twin Access type seal drain system can be used like a rubber hoses type movement in your roof storage tanks

Swivel Joint

WB Swivel Joint fully sealed unit specially designed for submerged liquid service such as articulated pipe drain system

Check Valve

Unique design of WB float check valve to prevent a possible overflow from drain line

Hose type Roof drain system

The system allows the fastest possible drainage of water via the hose which allows maximum drainage of rain water in shortest time through smooth bore inner fluid way from one end to other end. Flexible and easy to handle hose is used in the liquid product inside storage tanks, to drain the water on the floating roofs. specifically designed to guarantee the repeated laydown pattern of the hose to prevent the crash between the part inside tank (floating roof leg, leg guard, etc.)

To make it possible, Every assembly from start to finish is inspected, measured, tested, to ensure the highest quality product to every customer around the world.