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Completion of crude oil tank cover project in Yeosu, South Korea.

2017-11-10 22:22

  • Item : Aluminum Dome Roof, Internal Floating Roof Seal
  • Country : Yeosu, South Korea
  • Client : Korean National Oil Company
  • Q’ty : ID73m x 5
Decline in oil price and depression of world economy make less number of major plant construction works remarkably and World Bridge, who is a leading company of Aluminum Dome Roof business could not avoiding the hard times. However World Bridge can continue to keep its fame continuously by driving away of overseas competitors, finalized the contract of 5 set of aluminum dome roofs and internal floating roof seals respectively installing on the top of tank of "Yeosu Additional Above-Ground Tank Project" from KNOC in January 2017.

Generally crude oil storage tank type is used EFRT (External Floating Roof Tank) for storage tank without fixed roof, in case of this project is the first domestic crude oil storage tank reflecting design fixed type aluminum dome roof from initial design stage, but also it is meaningful as the largest diameter 73m of aluminum dome roof. And also it is the reason reflecting fixed type aluminum dome roof from initial design stage, firstly it keeps storage material quality by protecting penetrate into inside of rainwater and alien substance. Secondly it is very eco-friendly structure by minimizing leakage of noxious gas formed in the stored oil. Lastly it is easy installation of fabricated by bolt fastening with aluminum materials replacing by the existing light weighted carbon steel.

Recently these advantages are increasing interest from customer, and World Bridge is leading new tendency such as fixed type aluminum dome roof is to spec-in from the initial design stage with open type roof of crude oil tank, or retrofit the existing open type tank and install aluminum dome roof.

The project shows 90 percent of progress rate up to now, it is clearly said to have great interest from the domestic purchasers, and World Bridge will make every effort to award ordering through continuous marketing, finally it will be a good opportunity to make worldwide reputation of Korean national prestige and World Bridge technology.